The Creative Curriculum®

At both Academy sites, we use The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers, Two’s and Preschool. This is a research-based curriculum that features investigation and discovery as a means of learning, allowing student’s confidence to grow, along with their imagination and critical thinking skills.

The Creative Curriculum® is formed around 38 objectives for development and learning. These objectives are fully aligned with the Head Start Early Learning and State Early Learning Standards which then are incorporated into the diverse collections of resources that formulate the curriculum.

Every Student is an Individual

Every student is unique, learning in different ways and at their own pace. With our assessments and curriculum, we are able to further your child’s strengths and provide support where help is needed.

Assessments are a great tool that gives educators and families insight into students’ progress and current abilities. They also ensure no student gets lost in the shuffle. Educators will update families on their students’ progress and review their assessments as often as necessary.

Toddlers (Ages 12 months-24 months)

Toddlers are ready to explore and want their hands on everything. That is how they learn and that is how they experience the world. These experiences can feed their creativity and fuel positive critical thinking to prepare them for the years to come.

The Creative Curriculum® builds on their natural curiosity by creating purpose driven interactions that teach our students how to regulate their emotions and behaviors. They will participate in large groups and in small settings. It is important for Toddlers to have this experience now so they can be confident in their learning abilities moving forward.

Two’s (Ages 2 years old)

Two’s have their hands in and on everything. They are full of energy and life, emotion and curiosity. With The Creative Curriculum® they will become enriched with knowledge and stay engaged through daily activities that teach them how to channel their energy in a positive, productive manner while exploring the world around them, using positive critical thinking and expanding on their creative abilities.

Preschool (Ages 3-5 years old)

Preschool is an important year for students. After completing preschool, they will move to kindergarten and begin a new phase in their academic journey. We pride ourselves on making sure our students are confident and ready to take that next step.

With The Creative Curriculum® preschoolers will use a research-based approach that utilizes hands-on investigative projects to challenge their critical thinking. Through these projects they will improve on their literacy and gain a better understanding of Science, Math, Technology, Social Studies, and the Arts. They will continue to build confidence and understanding while developing their social skills by working in small settings and large groups, answering questions and contributing with their own thoughts and ideas.

School Age Student (Ages 5-10)

School age students have busy schedules. They need routine and assistance to stay engaged and complete homework. They are bright and curious with their own interests, thoughts and ideas. They seek new and challenging experiences to explore.

At Count On Me Academy we assist students with completing homework and staying on task. They will have the opportunity to pick out activities that pique their interests and explore on their own or with other students. They will explore these interests through activities that have been created or that they create on their own.

Transportation is also provided by Count On Me Academy for school-age students to and from select schools.

Educators and Families as ONE

Education is a partnership between educators, staff, administrators and families. Every student deserves an early start and an education they can count on as well as a family to support them throughout their educational journey.

As part of our enrollment process, families will receive resources to continue their student’s education at home through their own unique log in for Procare Solutions. Through Procare Solutions parents will receive live updates, pictures and information about what their student is currently doing and learning. You will also have direct access to your student’s educator for questions, comments and feedback. Procare Solutions is a great resource to stay involved with your student’s education and communicate with their classroom.

We highly recommend parents utilize Procare Solutions after enrolling their child to take advantage of all the great features the software offers! Find more information here.