Who We Are

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide quality early childhood education to all children by creating a space that promotes their independence, creativity, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. We utilize an age-appropriate setting and curriculum that addresses their needs individually and as a classroom. Each child is unique, and they should all have a space where they feel safe and nurtured. Our educators, staff and administrators are committed daily to helping our students achieve their full potential in an inclusive and supportive environment. Families in our community can count on us to provide them guidance and consistency as they embark on their journey of parenthood!

Our Vision:

To give our local community a partner they can count on. A place where children and their families feel loved, supported and encouraged to reach their goals and potentials.

Our Values:

  • Acceptance: We welcome all children. Every student learns at their unique pace; therefore, we focus on designing activities and lessons based on the student's interests as well as abilities. We encourage respect, empathy and acceptance for all of those who come together and make The Academy a reality.
  • Quality: As families search for early learning centers, they can turn to Count on Me Academy to provide their children with high quality instruction and care. We seek to maintain a safe, healthy and clean learning environment for our students.
  • Commitment to Collaboration: We believe in the value that comes from working together. The relationships between parents and educators fosters the opportunity for all of us to be part of our student’s developmental and educational needs. Being part of a collaborative learning environment allows educators to understand the unique, individual needs of our students and most importantly, that those needs are met.
  • Community: Count on Me Academy is made up of members of our community; parents, students and staff all coming to one place providing each other a sense of belonging and support. We strive to find opportunities where we can engage our community and create partnerships that are mutually beneficial.
  • Celebrate: We celebrate all efforts and accomplishments, whether that is at an individual level or a bigger, more wholesome group, such as our families and staff.