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Our academies are designed with our children in mind. We offer quality early education to children within our communities and focus on creating a space where they can grow, academically, physically and emotionally. Our curriculum supports each child at an individual level, with assessments that allow our educators to identify and build upon areas they excel in and provide additional support where needed.

Educators and Families as ONE

Staying connected with your child’s daily activities has never been easier! Count On Me Academy sends families live updates via text and email of what their child is doing, milestones accomplished, daily reports and so much more. This allows families to have instant access and communicate directly with their child’s classroom and be part of the child’s daily activities.

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Safety First

At Count On Me Academy, our top priority is to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. We perform daily sanitation schedules and follow all federal, state and local guidelines. To learn more about these regulations, please visit here.

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At The Academy we take pride in the positive impact our educators and staff have on the development of our students. We stand by our Mission, Vision and Values and recognize that the commitment put forth by those who are part of our team is what sets us apart within our community. If you are interested in joining an awesome group of individuals and have a desire to make an impact in someone’s life, we would love to meet with you!

Please submit your resume or inquiry to join@countonmeacademy.com